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Why Join a Mother’s Group? October 7, 2008

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That’s a great question and one that I asked myself when it was mentioned to me. I did not want to join a group of women that I never met nor did I know how to get out of the house and find one! But after 6 months of being home everyday with maybe a trip here and there to the store, I decided I had to do something. I looked on the Internet and found many groups but just was not sure how to go about joining in and I wanted to know so many things, so instead I started my own group thinking this was a way to start from scratch and I could run it my way!  that’s how was born.

The way I started the group was to put out a flyer to the local parks and recreation classes, I had the name of the group, a little about me and why I started the group and a few ideas I had for outings for the group. I set up the first meeting at a park and gave each mom a care package that had healthy snacks, 11 moms showed up! I  realized I had done something valuable.

So if you find yourself wandering Target several times a week, or have so many questions and concerns your head is spinning? I guarantee you will get what you need from a moms group, but do your research, find a group you are comfortable with, do the moms support each other with out judging? are they friendly and welcoming? do they greet new members with open arms? How often do they meet? Do they have a once a month mommies night out? are there membership fees?  what type of events do they plan? what is the average age of the children in the group?

These questions are important and will help you find the group that fits your life and your child’s.

Rock climbing with my moms! Fun for you and fun for your child is the key to a mother’s group!

Rock Climbing Mommies Night Out!

Rock Climbing Mommies Night Out!


If you have any questions on how to start a mom’s group of your own or where to locate a group in your area, feel free to contact me! I would love to hear about your moms group and what makes it work for you! Happy Blogging!