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Pine Cone Bird Feeder is a Hit! October 8, 2008

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My daughter is amazed by birds! so we made a pine cone bird feeder today, its the second set we have made, she is learning to watch the birds eat the seeds from the pine cones and be very quiet as not to scare them, I let her take pictures with our digital camera, I will show you those below, but I wanted to urge all of you to take your little ones outside and explore the wonders of nature! We made 3 pine cone feeders, one for mommy, daddy and Shayna. I put the peanut butter on she rolled the bird seed onto the pine cones! she was not only making pine cone cone feeders she was learning about texture and creativity! She loved that I let her make a mess.

Pine Cone Feeder Project

Pine Cone Feeder Project

All you need is a few pine cones gathered from the local park (Shayna and daddy’s job) then a little peanut butter (Smooth) spread all over pine cones, put bird seed into a bowl and have your child roll the pine cone around in the seed, add a string and you are ready to hang from a tree. Shayna is so proud of her creation she wants to see them everyday and watched the birds feed from them.

Rolling in bird seed sticky fun!

Rolling in bird seed sticky fun!


Mommy, Daddy and Shayna Pine cones!

Mommy, Daddy and Shayna Pine cones!

Hanging from our tree!

Hanging from our tree!


A simple fun project that allows for creative play and accomplishment!

Below is a pic Shayna took! (hmmm maybe a photographer in the making?)

Shayna's Picture


Maybe she is trying to tell me something! 

4 Responses to “Pine Cone Bird Feeder is a Hit!”

  1. rachel Says:

    This is great! What a fun little project and they look so pretty with those ribbons!

  2. Carolyn Says:

    It is a gift to the community to put women together to support each other and share their wisdom while raising children. You will look back on these days as the richest in your life.

    Keep it up!

  3. Kristina Orr Says:

    I have the cutest “niece”. Sounds like a great project.
    Nice job on your blog!!

    Love you all,

  4. nicole gray Says:

    my son really enjoyed this activity too!
    another great idea for our amazing children !

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