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Pizza and Pumpkins! October 13, 2008

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When you have a 2 year old you often try to think of ways to keep them occupied, but we forget that they are so easily entertained! Include your toddler in everything you do, this is a great way for them to feel included and to take the moment to teach them a new skill.

I don’t know about you, but my two year old is not the easiest toddler to take to a restaurant! So my husband and I decided to have a fun family Saturday night, and make our dinner at home while incorporating a fun project! Homemade pizza and carving pumpkins! Shayna had a great  time having her own dough to roll out while Mommy and Daddy tried to become Pizza chefs! She learned about fresh dough and how much fun it can be just rolling it through your fingers, then when it was done being rolled out we helped her make her own pizza so she could see the end result! 

rolling her dough!

rolling her dough!

Her very own pizza!

Her very own pizza!

We enjoyed our homemade pizza and then on to pumpkin carving! Shayna was so excited when she saw the pumpkins and we kept telling her “we are going to carve the pumpkins” of course not really understanding the concept of carving yet! We purchased a small pumpkin for her so that she had her own  to be proud of, she helped daddy with the scooping and then we carved the pumpkins, she looked on with amazement. Shayna decorated her pumpkin with stickers after we carved hers.
Helping put the seeds in the bowl

Helping put the seeds in the bowl

 Including your child in what you do daily is rewarding, you get to watch their world get bigger and their vocabulary expand, everything you do can be a learning event. So try your own Pumpkin and Pizza night, I guarantee it will put a smile on your face and your child’s!

The family of pumpkins

The family of pumpkins


2 Responses to “Pizza and Pumpkins!”

  1. nicole gray Says:

    so much fun!!!!
    and yes everything we do can be a teachable moment.

  2. thedomesticfringe Says:

    I like the idea of pizza and pumpkins.

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