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Its a crazy world out there, lets get creative! October 22, 2008

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I figure its time to address our current economic situation and share with you some ideas of how to get through it with  your pockets and minds attached! As you have read I run a mothers group and have recently reached out them letting them know that I am sensitive to the current economic situation, and want to be proactive on helping them and our group survive with little or no bruises!

I have asked them to be creative and submit ideas on how we can save money as a group and still enjoy our outings and time with our children, because of course you never want to loose sight of the reason we are in a group, which is the support but also more importantly that our children are having fun while in a social and educational environment!

Here is the number ONE idea submitted:

  • Book, clothes and toy swap (we do this once a quarter but now we will do this more often)

The Idea for a swap is to bring your lightly used items or items your child has grown out of, to an open location (we use a local fire station room, free to us through our community) and then lay all our treasures out by size and category. This has been a great success for our group, and very cost effective. We decided to donate any leftover items to a local Mother’s shelter, so not only are we saving money we also are helping others!

You can host a “Swap” Party at your home or call your local city and find out if there are any free rooms you can use if you are a community member, libraries don’t work because they usually ask that you have liability insurance. Even if you are not part of a group, I assure you if you put out flyers for such an event you will get people to participate. Ask the school that your child attends, if you may post the invite details, and maybe tell them you will donate any items that are left to them, or to a local home or shelter of their choice. Like I said be creative!

Our second most popular idea is to have a babysitting swap, since we all know that babysitters are not very affordable when you are trying to cut costs! We have established a day we call “Mommies Moment Friday” MMF for short. We establish what mom or moms will participate each Friday and limit the children to 3 per mom, then we ask for moms to put their names in for that Friday and the first 3 or 6 moms that respond are awarded the time to take 2 hours maximum to run errands, see a movie or whatever they prefer to do with their time, the moms that are doing the sitting are automatically given the spots for the following Friday, that way every mom is given a chance to participate. 

If you have an idea or ideas, I would love to hear them! so put your thinking caps on and lets see what all of you can come up with!


One Response to “Its a crazy world out there, lets get creative!”

  1. Lori Skeldon Says:

    MMF is a great idea! Especially going into the crazy holiday season. We all could use those extra few hours!

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