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Toothbrushing and Step Stools! November 17, 2008

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Having a toddler and figuring them out is like a huge maze that you often get lost in! One of the big struggles we have is brushing my daughter’s teeth, and we all know how important that is, but I tell you there were times I would think they were just baby teeth that she is going to fall out so why fight the battle! Now all of you dentists, please don’t yell at me! I know as an adult that it is important for gum health and for creating routine. 

I started thinking why is it such a struggle?, well my daughter is very independent and wants to do things her way or have it be her idea. I realized that if I make it a game, something she enjoys to do and can do on her own then maybe she would be more willing to play!

I had purchased a step stool (pink in color) for her to be able to wash her own hands at the sink, but she likes it so much it now lives in her room. many times I caught her on the stool trying to reach something on her dresser, that’s when the light bulb came on! I decided one night that I could no longer go through the fight of the brush routine, so I asked her to get her toothbrush and toothpaste from her room ( I put them at a level that she could reach) she ran to her room and came back with both items! she was so happy she did it herself and her dad and I clapped! She opened wide for the first time so I could get a good brushing!

Yes it was that simple! She has now decorated the stool with stickers we gave her, making it more her very special item! I have to remember that at 2 1/2, children want to do everything they are learning with every move they make. There are battles to fight but maybe if you take another look at your battle you may come up with another game plan. Good Luck and enjoy the maze!

The Famous Decorated Stool!

The Famous Decorated Stool!



One Response to “Toothbrushing and Step Stools!”

  1. Karen Gilman Says:

    Awesome and perfect discovery of how to match their learning style and stage with what we’re trying to teach!
    Love that “loves the stepstool so much that she keeps iit in her room every waking moment”

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