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My toddler is better at customer service! January 5, 2009

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As the holiday season winds down, I am left with  thinking that those who have jobs should feel very lucky, but yet I am met with unfriendly, unhappy sales associates wherever I go! I am a friendly person and always say thank you and please, but this seems to be foreign to many people these days! I went to a very exclusive mall here in california, mainly to take my daughter on the amazing carousel they have, but it was closed so we shopped a little here and there and every store I went into, three to be exact Nordstrom, Macys and Baby Gap I was met with associates that were annoyed I was there! I asked to have my daughters foot measured and the male associate acted as if I had just ruined his day, my gosh its his job! and there are so many people losing jobs these days that he should be happy his store is not going under! I tried to make all the associates smile with a little humor and a please and thank you for your time, but it did not matter, I left with a bad feeling. I was in sales 15 years of my life and I never, ever tried to make anyone feel as if they were bothering me, they were why I got a paycheck!

I think toddlers are the best customer service associates, they say hi to eveyone, they always want to help (even if its a task they can’t handle) they will talk your ear off making you feel you are important, they ask alot of questions showing interest, I think we need to take a better look at toddlers and follow their lead in customer service, they can’t teach us anything worse than what we are experiencing now! Just a thought!


3 Responses to “My toddler is better at customer service!”

  1. nicole gray Says:

    oh so true 🙂

  2. MB Says:

    I agree w/ you 100%! It is kind of sad,actually.

  3. Lynnae Says:

    OH so true! I get so frustrated with the customer service at most places nowadays. When I was in any kind of customer service job I always had a smile and said please and thank you’s. Its unbelievable how bad it is.

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